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I have led the building of HG6N on a hilltop during the late seventies.
It was not easy, so I should say to build OM8A has been a miracle!
Added by  :  Andrs (HA6NN) , Jul , 13th 2020 @ 09:43
dear Laci
sorry not possible Yuo ave qso to IQ1KW
beaucose no activity on 2meter

for oders Call no my Team
73 Marcello IK1YWB for IQ1KW Team JN34OP
Added by  :  Marcello (IK1YWB) , Oct , 1st 2017 @ 08:13
Tento vkend 2-3.9.2017 prebiehala s?a na 2m psme SSB. Bol som naden vdrou OM3RM, ke? v nede?u o 13:30 mal viac ako 630 spojen. OM3RM bude ur?ite mojim prkladom, v 10/2017 idem na skky N po 25 rokoch po?vania.
Prejem Vm vetkm ve?a zdravia a ?astia v DX spojeniach. 73 tefan
Added by  :  tefan , Sep , 5th 2017 @ 08:13
zaujmav, prvykrt som na Vaej stranke , pozdravujem vetkch HAM-ov, pomaly sa chystm do dchodku a za?nam stava? nejak t antnku vo Vrb?och. Spomnam na za?iatky s palom ok3ycm, ktorho touto cestou srde?ne osobitne pozdravujem
73 SK
Added by  :  tevo (OM3CMK) , Dec , 11th 2015 @ 09:07
Hi Boys! I'd like to congratulate to your station. Let me ask you to monitor your 2m line. Your main signal was no too strong, but all the 2m band was covered by noise when your key was down. I dont want to complain only inform you.(MMC 2013) 73 good luck Gyuri
Added by  :  Gyuri (HA5LW) , Nov , 3rd 2013 @ 05:52
I've been looking over your web page...very nice station. I've worked Laci many times when he's operated there. Hope I can visit someday.
Added by  :  Bob Lee (W0GXA) , Apr , 12th 2013 @ 05:23
Hello OM8A
Your is sponsor OKOM dx contest
Pse look on resalt 2012 UA9LAO/4

He have points for non europe station
Added by  :  Valery (UA9FGJ) , Apr , 3rd 2013 @ 03:07
Guys it was great to have visited your station and also to work from your station during the CQWW CW Contest
Added by  :  Chris Dimitrijevic (VK3FY) , Sep , 1st 2012 @ 06:59
Hello OM8A
I took your SSB signal frequency 2/23/12 at 7:40 7.2 Ukraine Zaporozhye
My equipment:
1 Receiver - homemade analog MFJ-8100
2 Antenna - homemade coil D = 300mm two turns
Added by  :  Vadim , Mar , 17th 2012 @ 08:36
Why don't you upload your qso's into's LOTW? Or any info on your site about how to qsl
Next big contest I hear you in, I'll just pass on by as why bother since they don't qsl....
Added by  :  Kathy (W2NK) , Mar , 17th 2012 @ 01:55
Congratulates the well-equipped stations and very good results.

I was in Slovakia. The beautiful high mountains and very nice people. :)

Lukasz SQ8GHY
Added by  :  Lukasz (SQ8GHY) , Mar , 9th 2011 @ 10:09
Thank you for ww-dx cw cintest qso!
I'm very happy to contact of my week wave only 50W-GP
you have great ear!!
Added by  :  TAKI (JG1UZD) , Feb , 13th 2011 @ 02:39
parabns pela estrutura de estao....
o linear om2500 meu sonho de vida.
Added by  :  Leonardo Araujo Muniz (PR7DZ) , Nov , 13th 2010 @ 09:41
pozdravujem vas to fajn e naozaj na urovni reprezentujete nae hnutie nae hoby.vy73 avela uspechov.
Added by  :  szabo stefan (OM8EL) , Oct , 11th 2010 @ 09:44
Excelent antennas and team, Fantastic,
Best regards and dx's on contest
Added by  :  Ramon (EA3TI) , Aug , 5th 2010 @ 04:34
velmi dobre QTH a aj zariadenia vcetne ANTEN,prajem vela uspechov a DPC resp.videnia ahojte Peter
Added by  :  Peter Ro?ansk (OM3PR) , Apr , 11th 2010 @ 10:26
Som v uzase ako to mate porobene.Teraz uz viem preco som Vas pocul cely 1subregional z KN18BX.Co dodat,drzim palce Vam vsetkym.
Added by  :  Milan (OM3WFC) , Mar , 8th 2010 @ 10:59
Perfektna stranka.Drzim Vam palce.73 es DX Laci
Added by  :  Vegh Ladislav (OM3TCG) , Feb , 13th 2010 @ 05:40
Je to perfecto... musim sa uz niekedy zastavit... Ak ma este spoznate Hi Hi Hi...
Added by  :  Tibor (OK3CLD) , Feb , 9th 2010 @ 01:00
Gratuluji k p?knmu vsledku v CQ WW 160 2010 !
73 Petr
Added by  :  PETR (OK1DOT) , Feb , 4th 2010 @ 05:54
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